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Tranquillity Lakes


Carp Fishing in France. We are an exciting 'Carp Lake Venue' opened in April 2014. Which offers you an exceptional Carp Fishing Holiday in France in a peaceful tranquil setting.

Lake 1  is a 7.5 acre tree lined mature lake,
accommodating a maximum of 6 anglers max, with stock of 190 Carp up to 63lb +. (Average weights  35lb's.)
Lake 2  is a 2 acre mature lake which will accommodate up to 3 Anglers exclusively. Stocked with 50+ Carp up to 47lb.
The Lakes are situated in the Ardennes Region of France. The Journey time is 3.5 hours from Calais. You do have a choice of routes, either via the A26 Motorway towards Reims or a more scenic route via Belgium where you will not pay for tolls, although a Sat Nav would be advisable for this route. (4 hours)
Enjoy looking through our website, if you are interested in Carp fishing in France on Lake 1 or Lake 2, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email through our contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Unfortunately we have had to change the rules on the use of particles due to our fish safety, therefore only manufactured pre-prepared particles in sealed containers will be allowed. We do have partymix Hemp and controlled quantity of tigernuts available to purchase on site if required. Also now stocking Boilies. Unfortunately we can not allow dogs on site.
We Also supply Maize & Carp pellet pre-ordered. Please look at the bait page.

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These rules are implicated to ensure the safety of the fish and our guests.


Failure to abide by them, will result in you being asked to leave the fishery without a refund.

1. Maximum of 3 rods allowed and rods must NEVER leave unattended

    at anytime. Minimum 15lb line.

2. No fixed leads, lead core, leaders or naked line. Only Korda style leaders allowed or tubing. No magic twig

3. No braided fishing line, ok for Marker and spod rods. 

4. Micro barb hooks only, Minimum size 6, 

5. No sacking of fish

6. Antiseptic must be used & present at weigh station and used accordingly

7. No rowing boats. Bait boats are allowed, please respect other anglers at all times.

8. No nuts.( Tigernuts  only allowed if purchased on site in restricted quantity)

9. Particles are allowed only if purchased from main manufacturers in sealed containers. These are also available to purchase on site.

10. No litter around lake and please use bins that are provided, (this includes cigarette butts)

11. Bivvies only. (No coloured tents or gazebos)

12.The lake gate must be locked at all times.

13. No open fires or BBQ's

14. No Excessive alcohol use. 

15. No Drugs

16. No showers after 9.30 for leaving guests on Saturday mornings.

Guests for Lake 1 and Lake 2  will be allowed onto fishery 12.00pm on the Saturday of arrival and will be required to vacate swims by 9am and leave fishery by 10.00am.


In the lodge is where us, the hosts will make tea & coffee for welcoming our anglers and where we prepare the breakfasts & evening meals for those having the food package, (Not for use of drive & survive) Sorry we have no fridge on site as we don't have electricity, but we are happy to take bait home to our freezer and bring it to you as and when you need. There is a dining table for eating inside when weather is not nice. Outside the lodge there is a seating area for you to sit and enjoy eating alfresco in the sun.

Charging facilities will also be available at our home. We also supply drinking water in containers for your use.











  Siret No: 79863730200018

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