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Hi I am Tony and my partner is Louise. After spending

the last 14 years travelling back and forth to France with

a group of friends to various different locations in France I finally decided to set about my dream. 

After many years of wanting to be the owner of my own lake offering Carp Fishing Holidays in an Idyllic location in a French rural setting with facilities that I myself would have looked for, we finally packed up our life in the UK and headed in the search of Tranquillity Lakes. It wasn't an easy search, so much so that we nearly gave up but then all our dreams came true when we found this little gem, a 10 acre mature water in a peaceful countryside location with the added bonus of an intermate 2 acre lake. We had found Tranquillity Lakes and now after a lot of hard work and determination in building the cabins to creating swims, we would like to share this great labour of love with all you Carp fishermen. When you come for your weeks holiday we will strive to make it one to remember.

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